January 20, 2015

Start-Up Spotlight: iButtonLink

iButtonLink is a research and development company dedicated to producing the best possible tools for extracting physical data, which allows us to better understand and respond to the world we live in. iButtonLink gives individuals and businesses the tools and ability required to make more efficient decisions, effectively making our world a more stable and sustainable place to prevail.

In November of 2013 iButtonLink President, Rob Olson, took hold of an opportunity as iButtonLink reallocated operations to the Whitewater University Innovation Center. It is here that iButtonLink brought the value of a well-established product line to the newly developed Innovation Center.

Utilizing their new space, iButtonLink has created a R&D facility turning ideas into solutions. Not only has iButtonLink helped to advance the Innovation Center’s R&D assets, but they have integrated an entire flexible manufacturing facility for creating, testing, and producing trusted networked sensor solutions.

iButtonLink CEO, Rob Olson, said about the move, ”For an established technology company like ours, we are excited to join forces with the Innovation Center. The additional ability to collaborate with the university, access to Whitewater’s excellent labor pool, along with great community support and focus will give iButtonLink the resources required to continue our progress.”

Founded in 2003, iButtonLink produces and distributes high-quality sensors and solutions that can be outfitted to fit nearly any business needs. iButtonLink’s ever-expanding product line includes temperature, humidity, voltage, light, lightening, airflow, and corrosion sensors to name a few. iButtonLink serves clients ranging from Fortune 50 companies and university researchers, to small startups and individual hobbyist. iButtonLink products have been used in the harshest environments around the world, from the Antarctic to the African Savannah.

For more information, visit the iButtonLink website.