October 20, 2014

Portage Enterprise Center: Putting Ideas to Work

Guest Post Written by Steve Sobiek, Director of Business Development and Planning, Portage Enterprise Center

Portage Enterprise Center
The Portage Enterprise Center (PEC) offers flexible office and light manufacturing space to new or start-up businesses. Business assistance, including the Columbia County Economic Development Corp and the City of Portage Department of Business Development and Planning, is located on site.

PEC is seeing success attracting and growing new business start-ups and providing critical work force training.

Current tenants include:

  • DeHaus, a new manufacturer of welding equipment, entered the market earlier this year and is creating new jobs.
  • Ship-Rec Logistics, a new logistics, shipping and recovery services company, has steadily seen its employment  increase since moving into PEC. 
  • Idea2Results, offering innovative marketing and business services, has seen a very healthy increase in its client base, and has added new employees since moving into PEC.
  • Premier Concrete Admixtures, specializing in a complete line of chemical admixtures in the concrete industry, entered the Wisconsin area market in 2014 and has seen steady growth. Employment has increased since operations began in PEC in January.
  • WorkSmart, a team of the South Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board, provides innovative employment and training services to prepare workers for the needs of business and industry. 

Madison Area Technical College (MATC)’s satellite location is located at the Portage Enterprise Center and offers training in advanced manufacturing concepts and techniques to area high school students and incumbent workers from area manufacturers. MATC’s innovative Middle College program allows students to take manufacturing classes at PEC while still in high school. This Fall,  MATC  will begin operating its new Advanced Manufacturing Center at the Portage Enterprise Center, offering more manufacturing class offerings to  middle college and incumbent workers, including advanced manufacturing concepts and industrial maintenance.

Incumbent workers at TriEnda, a Portage area manufacturer, are currently receiving training in lean manufacturing techniques at PEC. As a result of this and other efforts, employment at this manufacturer has ticked up in the last several months.

On November 20, 5-7pm, The Portage Enterprise Center will host a Celebrate Entrepreneurship event. Come and learn about the Portage Enterprise Center and entrepreneurship assistance available to assist new and start-up businesses.

The Portage Enterprise Center is an important and integral part of the city, county and regional economic development strategy, as well as its success. Portage’s new job creation rate this past year stands at 4.4 percent.

Portage Enterprise Center Contact:
Steven Sobiek
Director, Business Development and Planning
Portage Enterprise Center
1800 Kutzke Road, #109
Portage, WI 53901