October 7, 2014

Exploring Value-Added Dairy Opportunities

Last week’s World Dairy Expo in Madison drew 70,000+ participants from nearly 100 countries, many of them showcasing and/or seeking innovation and advancements within the dairy industry. Nestled among a myriad of dairy shows and exhibitor booths was a series of educational seminars, including one titled Exploring Value-Added Dairy Opportunities, presented by Sarah Cornelisse of Penn State Extension.

Her presentation was designed to help farmers make decisions about whether to sell their product as a commodity in the open market, or value add their commodity into something that could open up additional markets and hopefully generate higher profits. The content aims to help farmers evaluate the risk-reward proposition, analyzing gains in control over pricing as well as competition and knowledge barriers that represent risk.

MadREP attended the presentation and obtained the slides to share with our own Madison Region dairy entrepreneurs. View the slide deck, and feel free to contact us for further discussion.